24 Stunning Pictures of Granite Countertops

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When choosing a material for your kitchen counter, you have to think both aesthetically and practically. We must also consider the “spirit” of cooking. On the practical side, while some materials are resistant to stains and scratches, others, while very beautiful, require special attention. Pictures of granite countertops, for example, can with a minimum of maintenance last a lifetime. As for marble, even sealed, it stains easily and, after a while, requires a professional interview to be reconditioned

Made of stone and resin particles with added color, quartz is the darling of designers today. Available in a wide variety of plain colors (red, gray, various whites, blue, etc.), a less boring choice than speckled finishes. Highly resistant to stains and heat, it looks great and requires no sealant, unlike pictures of granite countertops.

Ceramic metal accents, two-colored ash cabinets, recycled laminate and granite countertop: a happy marriage of materials and textures is in the spotlight in this kitchen. Even the wood was invited on the island with an oiled veneer combining ash and cherry. Can accommodate up to ten guests, the latter is most inviting. It is not said that the entire slab will reproduce the same appearance as the sample. Resistant to stains and heat, pictures of granite countertops comes in a polished or matte version.

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