Blue Kitchen Rugs: Different Ways to Decorate Your Space

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Blue kitchen rugs – Put a rug in the kitchen? It may seem a crazy idea, but if you stop to think it has more advantages than you thought. The kitchen rugs are designed to withstand the rhythm of this room and of course, to protect our floors from bumps, dirt and moisture. That is why today we are going to present different ways to decorate your kitchen with special rugs.

The kitchen environments that we are going to show you today have very simple kilims and jute carpets, which you can wash dry and ventilate with the vacuum cleaner; cotton jarapas , which you can put directly in the washing machine and of course, the new polypropylene blue kitchen rugs, which you will rinse with cold water and you can dry outdoors.

Also, we can use it to cover a puddle of water as a matter of urgency to avoid slipping and then pass the mop. Then, depending on the material of the blue kitchen rugs , ideally dry it with a cloth or with the same mop (if it is made of polypropylene) or, take it out for a while to the patio or the terrace to give it a little the air and the sun, and it goes dry.

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