Warmth Brushed Nickel Foyer Light

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There are three types of brushed nickel foyer light that you can combine to make the atmosphere in your home perfect. In this course we will explain how they differ and we will give you the keys to play with them and learn to use the decorative lighting of your house in the warmest way possible. For most people, a radiant day is much more enjoyable, especially if it’s Monday! Light has always been a great enhancer of good humor. That’s why a home with well planned lighting is much more comfortable and welcoming. Rooms with poor lighting create a gloomy and uncomfortable atmosphere.

With good decorative lighting we can distinguish shapes, sizes and also colors. Then, appreciate details and give a touch of personalization to each home. The character of a room can be define thanks to the combination of different types of light. Do you want to learn how to combine them? Lighting your home is to create a functional and pleasant space where you feel at ease both to live and to work or relax. To create environments through lighting, you will need to know the keys to illuminate each room in a different way. We explain all this in our course “Homes that look” that you can consult at the end of this.

Now let’s find out how to properly use brushed nickel foyer light. We can classify lighting based on the function it has: general, functional and environmental. It is the minimum base of illumination of each room. Its aim is to create a uniform light without shadows throughout the room. It softens strong contrasts and creates faint transitions between the dark surfaces of the room and the illuminated ones.  This type of illumination includes, for example, lamps or ceilings located high up or up lights, which serve to orient and view the entire room.

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We recommend installing the switch of this light next to the entrance door to know where you step. And also not clash with the legs of anything. It is use to concentrate the light at a specific point in the room. Also, it works very well to carry out very specific tasks: reading, making food, eating, searching for keys … It is a direct light and powerful, like a focus. It generates a pleasant atmosphere in the room but it is not the main source of brushed nickel foyer light. The feeling it produces is intimate and welcoming.  It is a light of sculptural and decorative type. They emit paper lamps with shapes or crystal balls. They have no concrete practical use, but with their dim lighting they help to create a good atmosphere.