Connect Plug in Track Lighting

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Plug in track lighting – Adding lighting to your home’s track is an excellent way to add some style and elegance to your interior. Track lighting systems come in many different styles and provide the home owner with many options to customize their lighting. Installing track lighting does not have to be difficult, but one of the key elements of installing track lights is the wiring of lights for a light switch.

How to connect plug in track lighting, identify the cables you will use. A light switch completes or interrupts an electrical circuit, so you must identify where the power is coming from, or where it is going. In most home wiring, the wires that go to the switch come from an electrical outlet, as part of a circuit, then from the light switch. Turn off the circuit power in the switch box. Never work in a live circuit. If you are not sure about which switch controls the circuit, turn off the main power switch. Strip the insulation of the cables you are going to connect. There will be two white wires and two black wires in use.

Connect the white wires together with a wire plug. Insert both wires into the cable connectors, and then twist the nut until you have a solid connection. Next, connect the black wires to the screw terminals of the switch. Loosen the screws, insert the cables underneath, and tighten the screws downwards. Mount the switch on the electrical box by screwing in the tabs and screws. Place the plate switch over the switch, turn the circuit again, and test operation plug in track lighting.

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