Curb Appeal Landscaping Ideas

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Curb appeal landscaping makes the large area decorative and inviting. Large farms can be scary. The open space can look clearly and unfurnished if left in a natural state. Large-scale landscapes can translate into big dollars.

Sections and Departments

To attack curb appeal landscaping jobs, divide the area into sections. Smaller sections, even smaller landscape projects. Plants bushes or trees in rows or squares to divide the areas or build paths of wood or concrete. Lay down the smaller areas in a similar way or use sections to create different appearance of the property. One section may have a regional flower while another has a rock and dust. Plan the sections carefully before dividing the area. Some landscaping ideas, such as a pond or large stone block garden, require more space than others.


Take a large area down to size by lining a frame around the edge. Curb appeal landscaping that take up too much space in a small farm make ideal pieces for the dimensioned farm. Plant a row of large trees, such as oaks, around the outer edge and a row of smaller or flowering trees just inside the line. This layer creates a sloping frame and narrows the open space. Add a building or open structure to a large open area to provide a focal point or point of departure for landscape architecture. The wide range of landscapes can overwhelm traditional landscapes such as grass and flowers.

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