Creative Entranceway Furniture

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Decorating your own entranceway furniture is a creative project that will result in one-of-a-kind pieces to make your space unique. Renovate old furniture, and coordinate them with the rest of your furnishings, or cover them with collage of images that appeal to your aesthetic. Creatively decorated furniture provides conversation pieces for guests, while providing you with an outlet for your design ideas.


Paint entranceway furniture to match your walls, or get creative and paint patterns or pictures on your furniture. Be sure to grind surfaces until they are smooth and clean, and use a primer so that the wood fibers do not show through, and your last layer of adhesion to the surface. Use goalkeeper to create clean lines. Stripes work well on the table and around the chair legs. Use templates for letters or professional shapes. If you do not want to paint the furniture you already have, look at thrift stores for cheap furniture that probably need a good layer of color.


Decoupage is a versatile craft tool that creates a smooth laminate surface over your collage patterns. You need decoupage together with a scissors, brushes, white glue and old magazines and magazines. Start by cutting out images that you like. Use pictures from old cookbooks for kitchen tables, or pictures of Victorian ladies for a vanity table. Glue the images to the surface of the entranceway furniture with a thin layer so that it does not clump. Once you have the collage set, coat all the pictures with decoupage. A final coating of polyurethane will create a hard, impervious surface that is impervious to spray cleaner and water.

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The first step in entranceway furniture is the removal of old paints to provide a good surface for new finish. Remove old paint or paint with stripping chemicals and scrape the loose pieces of paint painted by a paint scraper or by sandpaper either by hand or with an electric tool. After washing the piece to remove all chemicals and grind, apply a base coat to the desired color and allow drying thoroughly. Then, a lighter color, brush paint over the matting surface is easy to give a two-tone look, with color showing through the coat hair. This technique is a fun way to give your furniture color and interest.


Use pieces of colorful fabric to create table screens. The cloth is not permanent, so you can change your decorations as often as needed. Experiment with different sizes and colors. Offset decorative tiles and centerpieces by setting them on re-decided tablecloths or squares of fabric. You can also use traditional tablecloths to cover more than just dinner tables. Cover side tables or coffee tables with fabric that complement your furnishings for a cheap room modernized which takes just a few minutes.