The Charm of Entryway Coat Closet

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Entryway coat closet – We have already seen in a previous post how entrance of house is great forgotten when decorating. And yet it is an essential stay. Since on one hand marks first impression of any visitor (serving as an antechamber to rest of housing). And on other is first thing we step on entering our home sweet home. So it must also have a practical approach. Although decorating entrance with a console is ideal to create a stylish atmosphere. Truth is that these types of receivers do not respond to practical needs of many families. According to our lifestyle, location or even climate of our own. Then, entering house can be somewhat cumbersome according to what times.

In cold climates such as rural or mountainous areas, when you come back with your feet muddy in rain or spend a day in snow. You have to undress almost at door if you do not want to put everything lost, with consequent annoyance. To cover this type of needs in day to day are entrances with wardrobe, uniting in a single stay functionality and design. Nordic countries know this well. And that’s why in most Scandinavian entries (so cute they are) there is always room for coat, scarf or boots, yes, perfectly placed.  Even so, here is to generate entrances with entryway coat closet for whole family. So we will need more than just a coat rack

if having coats is not your thing  and you live in a country house. One option is to create a main entrance to receive your guests . And dedicate a second entrance on side or back to create your entry-wardrobe space with frequency of use that you want to give. In any case, entrances with wardrobe can become main access to house without giving up a careful decoration. Since it’s clear and practical environment allows us to use them as general distributor. Facilitating also a multifunctional space for temporary placement of various purchases. As wardrobe or even to have handy utensils for garden fixtures or DIY tools.

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Basic essentials that your wardrobe entry should count on should be a space reserve for coats and jackets and one reserve for more or less clean footwear, simply as a hygiene habit to avoid dragging dust and dirt into your home, changing them by a warm pair of walking shoes at home. For this ideal is to make entryway coat closet (open or closed)  that we can commission a mason or a carpenter depending on type or materials we choose .Which also count as far as possible with  an extra bench to be able to sit comfortably to change shoes.