Long and Narrow Nice Entryway Runner

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Entryway runner – Corridors and corridors play a key role. They are dividers of areas of our home and can also provide a zone of contrast with rooms can enhance or balance them. Problem of corridors is precisely that, which are always a problem when decorating, whether long, short, narrow or wide. In general, there are three main objectives. Get a feeling of spaciousness, sense of length … or both, as we can find different combinations. Long and narrow corridors with an undesirable “tunnel” feeling, long and wide corridors, short and narrow corridors, etc. Something to keep in mind in narrow aisles. Especially if they lack light or are short, is not to drown more space . Or obstruct passage with furniture such as consoles, small tables, etc. Use of furniture, in these cases, will cause a feeling of oppression, making hallways appear even narrower.

Use of white color in ceiling, walls and doors also makes it appear wider. We already know that light colors and, above all white, bring amplitude. And, likewise, when we treated issue of how to make your room looks wider and taller, we saw a living room with ceiling walls and lacquered white floor. In this case, height of corridor is normal and not as low as that room, so that it does not need as much “brightness”. And while white color brings light, in excess can be boring and cold. So cream-colored entryway runner, wall appliqués, paintings and halogen on ceiling, create a cozy atmosphere.

Decor plays with dark tones, blue of carpet and tone of wood of floor, which blends perfectly with color of walls. Again, we see in background a piece of furniture, in this case a chair … And a sophisticated ceiling lamp that creates a very original point of light. Natural light coming from main room allows to use dark color. And, although we always believe that light colors are ones that bring amplitude. In this case contrasts we saw in article on decoration with dark walls, get a very pleasant space, modern and elegant.

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When removing walls, you get amplitude, which allows you to place a console. Entryway runner delineates corridor area and rooms. In order not to leave “empty” hallway, console with lamp, table and niche next to entrance door, may seem simple elements. But they provide enough decoration, taking into account colorful role of walls. Result is a modern and very comfortable corridor. Which is not only spacious; it also balances luminosity of rooms and enhances them, giving them visibility.