How to Change a Halogen Foyer Flush Mount Lighting by LED

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Foyer Flush Mount Lighting – Today we are going to dedicate a post with which we can easily change the halogen bulbs of our house by LED bulbs with a direct connection to a network (GU10 220v). Of course, our recommendation is that we take this moment to introduce our built-in housing with LED lighting.   The main difference is consumption, while a halogen that we can usually find in our homes is 40 / 60W. The LED bulb with which to achieve the same result would be 7W (as we will see in the next installation). In addition, the light they emit is of higher quality. They last much longer and reduce considerably the electric consumption with the consequent economic saving.

Choose correctly the foyer flush mount lighting and the type of bulb we want to place. If you are thinking of changing your halogen bulbs, it will be important to know well the type of LED bulb you are going to install. Especially to choose the power, type of light (warm-cold), the degree of aperture, duration. On another occasion we talked about the important factors when buying a LED light bulb. We recommend reading it so you do not fall into the mistake of buying the wrong product.

Remove the electric current. Once this is done, we can extract the old rectifiers, and remove the 12v transformer that you probably have (halogen spotlights from years ago normally worked at 12v, although they also exist with GU10 base). We will no longer need them. Because our idea is to install a new LED bulb for foyer flush mount lighting with GU10 bushing that works directly at 220v, without the transform. The next step is to connect the bushing GU10 to the network. More comfortable and secure by putting a plug.

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Place the LED bulb in the socket and close the assembly. We can re-supply electrical power to the home and see the result. Next, we show you a corridor that one of our clients sent us after making the change of its old halogen spotlights by LED bulbs. We hope to have solved all the doubts on how to make this simple change that many sure that you take time wanting to do. Now you have no excuse to make the change to a more current and sustainable home. Collaborate with your home economics and make a twinkle to the foyer flush mount lighting with this simple gesture.