Modernize Foyer Lantern Chandelier? Now Is The Best Moment!

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Foyer lantern chandelier – My focus is on! o I do not get the focus! Are very common expressions that we associate with the idea or the understanding? And indeed we usually think only in ‘ one focus ‘ but there will be the most creative who imagine the focus as part of a lamp. And when we think of lamps, it is usual to imagine those that are on the bureau. The trinchador or in some table but what about those that enlighten the whole room? Those that hang or are embedded in the ceiling, these are the accents of every room! And in some cases the main character, if we think of the candelabras of the great halls .

But not only in the great halls we find candlesticks . In some houses, like the grandparents, there are smaller versions of foyer lantern chandelier with a lot of crystallites , remember them? (Children thought that those crystallites, when they fell were treasures). And there are the different colors, with many lights but always elegant. So, if you want to have a house with classic style, the candlestick is the option. And, if above all you want a modern style, in here we bring you fantastic models that will shine as much as they.

Smaller and more transparent than its predecessor, Floralibus is the perfect competition for glass lamps . Although the glass is among its materials , its quantity is minimal. The material that gives shape to this lamp is the polycarbonate. Which, cut with waterjet , takes the shape of a diamond. Lightness, brightness and delicacy in this bright snow crystal . Made from a collection of junk, literally! This candelabrum will resemble what we could imagine inside the house made of sweets of the witch in Hansel and Grettel . A charming piece that will add a lot of character and obvious, colorful wherever we decide to put it.

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Beautiful foyer lantern chandelier in glass, reflecting the more colonial side of the room. A turquoise blue like the crockery of those times that we now find only in ceramic works. We see part of the history of our Mexico in the delicacy and attention to detail in the forms of flowers. And leaves that leave us breathless. Wherever we are, will give us warm sensations complement by the light that is transform into its different colors through the glass. And crowned with an unmistakable symbol: chiles .