How To Custom Hallway Chest

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Hallway Chest – A Storage Chest is an object that can be made and used to store other objects. They can be placed close to sleeping bags to store valuables. Although they occupy enough space the trunks are very useful in any home. They are ideal for storing things and as decorative elements for any stay. The trunks never go out of fashion. To do this we will need some planks of wood, glazing, whirlpools, carpenter’s glue, and fine sandpaper. Sometimes we have problems at home with storing some items that accumulate and we have nowhere to put them. After placing them in the cupboards, these fill up and we lose track of what there is.

A very simple way to make an orderly space is a wooden hallway chest. A wooden chest is also a good decorative piece of furniture. To make our own, we will need an 8-by-8-inch board for the top and sides, a 5 x 5-cm piece of wood with a ½-inch (12-mm) plywood background. And a 4-foot (1.2 m) piece per 1 × 1-inch (2 × 10 cm) reinforcement. It will also require a half pound of wood screws, a drill with a screw drill, a saw two hinges for the top and a hinge that will support along with two handles for the exterior. Now we have to cut the wood to assemble the base and for this, we will reduce the piece of plate 2 × 30 cm. Measure and cut into three sections of 60 cm and two sections of 30 cm.

The 60 cm sections are for the front, back and top. While the 30 cm sections will serve for the sides. Then cut the plywood so that it measures hallway chest 58 × 32 cm. When you have finished all the pieces, assemble the base. Take the wood and place it plywood down on a hard surface. Then place the front panels on the outside of both sides which are the longest of the plywood and screw them in. Finish screwing the sides on the outside of the smallest part of the plywood and screw the sides into the front and back panels.

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With this, we must obtain a board of 3 inches (7.62 cm) wide by 24 in length (60 cm). We will place this board on top of the hallway chest so that it flushes with the edge of the rear panel, then screw. On the top, place these 1-inch pieces on any of the short edges and place them vertically in the center. When they are there, screw them. Put the lid on top of the chest and add to the top clamp together with the hinges.