Hallway Console Table with Lamp

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Choosing a table lamp for a hallway console table depends on several factors; the most important of these is the style of console table you own and the style of the lamp you want to use. While you have a wide range of options, there are some styles that complement console tables like the half moon.


Determine how you will use a table lamp. Lighting includes task lighting, which is perfect for reading and performing activities that require direct light; Ambient lighting. Used to create a mood or add extra light to an illumination system; and accent lighting, which is ideal for accenting or focusing on a particular space in a room. Select a buffet table lamp. Characterized by its sleek and sleek shape, hallway console table is commonly used as accent pieces. Use a buffet lamp if you need moderate lighting or want to place your table lamps in pairs. Sizes can range from 25 to 33 inches, with many styles considered high. Perfect for a sturdy solid mahogany hallway console table with doors, buffet table lamps complementing fine dark woods and panels that match windows panels that are in the doors of many console tables.

Select a rustic lamp. Characterized by its rustic appearance and exterior color scheme, rustic table lamps offer warm mood lighting with golden brown tones. Use a rustic lamp to complement a rustic color scheme in the room where it will be used or just add a touch of light to an already lit room. Select an accent table lamp. Use an accent table lamp to add instant light to a certain place or furniture in your home. Size ranges from 4 inches up to 9 inches or higher. Place accent lights around your home to lift specific interior; Additional light may be required for further lighting. Consider the size of your hallway console table. Choose a table lamp with a base that sits comfortably in the middle of the table without its edges that appear outside the curve or edge of the table. Guests should not be able to see the lamp when sitting at eye level.

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Tips and warnings

Select a multi-setting table lamp. Three-way lights, for example, allow you to adjust the lighting levels based on how much power you need. Layer poster to the front and part at the back of the table as you move along; work outward from your highest point. This gives the table motion and keeps all objects from being in the same plane or in a perfect line.