Hallway Lighting Fixtures Design

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Hallway lighting fixtures – Basic rules for the selection of lamps and fixtures. When choosing bulbs installed in the lights and chandelier hallway. And take into account the intensity of light in the adjoining rooms as we move from room to room several times a day. And should therefore not experience discomfort from sharp contrasts of light. The optimal choice for the hall area scattering sources. For this purpose, a sconce or chandelier with mosaic shades, directed upwards. The beams are reflected from the ceiling light coverage, giving high quality lighting. But do not forget that hanging ceiling out of place they should be as close as possible to the attic. And you cannot catch them in disguise.

Side lighting is not desirable to use whose main focus is design hallway wall decoration such a lamp can throw long shadows because the entire appearance will be spoiled. As for wall sconces, it is better to set a height of two meters above the ground this will give the rays throughout the room and will not fall directly into the person’s eyes. The idea of ​​lighting the surface of the mirror is also incredibly popular reflected light doubles, helping to expand the premises.

Most often in our apartments is narrow and elongated corridor. With proper size hallway lighting fixtures, you can adjust the room visually. And are best suited for this purpose projectors built into the ceiling, or voltage. They are best grouped as follows: 2 lamps directly above the front door, followed by one across the length of the corridor. And maintaining the same distance between them. Lighting can also be built into the cabinet. If the hallway is narrow and the ceiling too high. The luminaires are spread over the walls it makes the room visually bigger and reduces the ceiling. If the space is too narrow, you can decorate a bra just one of the walls.

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The advice. If you plan to install more hallway lighting fixtures, it’s better to split into functional groups that will include only the part of the system that is really needed at this time. The contacts should also be given in different places the hallway. In the small hall can also be divided lighting in general and locally. The main light source can be standard luminaries with matting bubble or projector if you have a ceiling mounted. Beam direction must go up; it will remove the ceiling boundaries visually.