Hallway Mirror For Create Striking and Bright Spaces

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Hallway mirror – A hallway is a part of the house destined only to the passage, that is to say, it is an area that must be clear, without obstacles. However, this does not mean that you can decorate the corridors so that they look beautiful and welcoming. The decoration with mirrors is a beautiful option to decorate your home. As the mirrors reflect the light of the environment you ensure that any space looks not only brighter but bigger. They are undoubtedly an essential accessory if you are looking for an effective and economical decoration. We share some ideas and tips to use them in your decoration like a professional.

The gallery style walls, where decorations with multiple paintings, are a great decoration trend. The idea here is very clear: use mirrors rather than pieces of art.  Go to a second hand store and get mirrors of different designs and styles: with or without frame, circular or square, modern or rustic, it does not matter. Just take care that the scale between the hallway mirror and the wall where they will be placed is proportional: avoid using small mirrors on a large wall, for example.

Do you feel like you are entering a cave when you walk down a hallway from your house? Try hanging a large mirror near the end of the hallway: this will make the light bounce and brighten up this space.  On the other hand, if your corridor is narrow, a large mirror on either wall will create the illusion of a larger hallway. Make a more luminous space with natural light! Try placing a mirror in front of a window to amplify the natural light that enters your house. If you do not have a natural light entrance, you can achieve the same effect by placing a mirror near a lamp.

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A strategically placed wall hallway mirror can be use to highlight a special piece of your decoration. Such as an interesting painting or photograph on a wall or a striking ceiling lamp. Highlight what you like best!  Mirrors make the hallways look bigger. You can place mirrors, one in front of the other. Or you can simply put a single mirror at the end of the aisle. The type of frame that has the mirror can also add beauty. Then you can use a simple plain wood frame. And if you want to modernize it you can use colors like gold or silver. Do you have any small space you want to enhance? A great mirror will serve to create an illusion of depth. Do not be afraid to go big!