Hallway Storage Bench Design

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Hallway storage bench – Creating multi functional spaces is a goal in small flats. The hallway, created initially as places of passage, can be very useful to us when giving us complementary functions. If your hallway has enough width you can consider the installation of bookstores. Storage bench offers great use of corner space if one uses it as a place to sit and put on winter boots or something to stuff with toys in a child’s room. Corner storage banks also have a lasting value as permanent items in your home. On a 4 by 8 foot sheet of standard plywood should be enough. The project will take only a few hours of your day. Cut the plywood sheet 2 by 2 feet diagonally, from corner to corner. The two resulting triangles will be the top and bottom of the bench.

Hallway storage bench, make a 45 degree cut on the 20-inch 2-by-2 with table saw, fence and push stick, producing two 20-inch triangular boards. On both 24-by-20-inch plywood sheets, chamfer the 20-inch sides, cutting them at a 45 degree angle with the table saw. Do not alter original measurements. Make sure that only the corners are removed. Match the beveled 20-inch side of a 24-inch sheet on the 20-inch side of the 34-inch sheet. The edge that has just been cut must lie flat on the 34-inch blade at an angle of 45 degrees flush. 24-inch plywood blade screw to 34-inch blade with 20-inch triangular plate on inner corner of bench. Repeat this process on the other side with the second sheet 24 by 20 inches. Use six screws for each 20-inch corner of the sidewalk.

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Hallway storage bench, screw the 2-by-2-inch pine table inside the 90-degree corner formed by the two 24-inch sheets of plywood. Screw a triangular piece of plywood to the bottom of the frame, one screw through each corner. Use a circular saw to make a diagonal cut that measures 7 inches from the 90 degree corner on both sides. This line should be parallel to the hypotenuse of the triangle. 90 degree corner screw of the 7 inch plywood triangle of the 90 degree corner of the weft. Pre-drill a hole through each 45-degree corner in the 7-inch plywood into the plywood in the frame, and then screw it together. Hinge screw to the hypotenuse of 7-inch plywood. Screw the other ends of the hinges to the plywood that was take from. you have to do it with the right instructions.