The Best Home Entrance Decor

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Hallways and hallways are the big forgotten house. Difficult to decorate, they need good ideas to highlight. We give you good ideas and environments to inspire you. Take note! It does not matter whether the receiver is large or small. Always highlight the most attractive element and do it the easiest way, with the color of the painting. Paint the roofs darker if they are high; highlight the background wall with another color, if it is a narrow home entrance decor. The bigger and more attractive the space, the more different resources you can apply. A mini shelf serves as a receiver and can also hide the radiator. With 15 cm deep you will have enough and will serve you to leave things when you get home.

Bookstores: Choose with the minimum depth (about 25 cm) and leave about 90 cm free ahead to pass comfortably. Benches and seats: Let them be lightweight designs, with low back, and the same tone as the wall so they do not take up so much visual space. You can place the lobby in the home entrance decor, as well as the library in your home. Adosa all the elements to one side to leave the center as a passage zone. A small bank will be enough to welcome and define the lobby.

The combination of gray and white creates a very flattering contrast. Gray frames and highlights the structure of space, and white gives depth, enhancing the height and depth of any space. The white socket at half height is also a solution that works in dark receivers: it achieves verticality, light and a vanishing point. Creating a natural corner, green plants or fresh flowers, is the best welcome. A tray for the cards, a lamp for the night, a candle … Choose useful pieces and you like them.

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With slats of simple painted pine wood, it unifies the space and creates a unique wraparound box, wide and also luminous. White laminated wood slats can be replaced with wallpaper, more affordable and easy to renovate.  Then, if supplemented with uncoated wood and honey tones, you will gain in warmth. You can end up contrasting the space with this tone, which will bring nature into your home. Add light and glass, with a lamp or a lantern with candles and you will have a magical and warm light, ideal for a home entrance decor. Inspire yourself with the Photo Gallery of this article!