How to Hang Discount Rugs

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Discount rugs style icons, thought of so rare and expensive abandonment, and also investment. Oriental rugs are expensive and hard to find, but its quality modern rugs are also available. Antique carpets are often shown on walls rather than floors to best protect their value and showcase their colors, designs and designs.


Place the discount rugs flat in the glass frame and close the clamping mechanisms on the back of the frame, using acid-free substrates. This method works well for smaller carpets, especially very valuable and antique carpets. Install image hanging hardware in a spot on the wall that is not in direct sunlight and hang framed carpet. Install tabletop hardware over framed carpet for night lighting.

Carefully fabric the curtain rod sleeves on the upper edge of the back of the discount rugs. Either the entire way over a long sleeve or at both ends and in the middle. Insert the wooden stick or curtain rod into the fabric sleeves. Install the curtain rod holder on the wall in a place in direct sunlight and hang the carpet of the bar. Place the Plexiglas sheets together, one on top of the other. Carefully drill a hole through both sheets in each corner, and two holes in the middle of the upper edge. Place the mat in between the Plexiglas sheets. Insert the screws in each corner, put the hexagon nut on the back and decorative acorn nut in the front, and tighten them. Insert image hanging thread in center hole to hang Plexiglas.

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