Ideas for Install Outdoor Patio Carpet

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Outdoor patio carpet – The installation of carpets on your porch or patio provides a safe, non-slip surface. Outdoor rugs are also an easy solution to conceal unattractive concrete. Laying carpet outdoors does not require special skills. If you can use a box knife and a palette, it is placed on the carpet outdoors. You can install the carpet outdoors in a day or less, depending on the size of your project.

Measure the length and width of your porch or patio. Multiply the length and width together to determine the square meters; this is the amount of outdoor patio carpet you need. Add extra rugs if you have steps. Measure the length and height of each step. Add all the measurements together, and then multiply the total by the width of a step. This will give you the amount of carpet you need to cover your steps. Dirt and debris sweep 3 out of your porch. Repair any immersion wells in the concrete with a concrete patch mixed in the water; otherwise, the carpet with thin backing will sink into the pits. Allow patched areas to dry overnight.

Start laying your outdoor patio carpet closest to the house. This will allow your way of working on the porch or patio. Dip your broom in the glue. Separate the glue two feet out from the wall of the house, and then spread the glue the full width of the porch or patio. Leave the carpet rolled up so it is easier to work with them.  Extend another tail section as before. Unroll the carpet enough to cover it. Soften wrinkles in the carpet stuck with your hand. Continue spreading glue and unroll the carpet until you have reached the edge of the porch or patio.

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