Ideas to Modify Surefit Chair Slipcovers

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Surefit chair slipcovers – Even your favorite furniture can become obsolete, either with age or with wear and scratches. One of the fastest ways to update the look of a chair is by recovering it. Covers sure to adapt can quickly update your furniture at an affordable price, and can be washed or changed quickly if necessary. Occasionally, however, you do not like the fit of your case. Modifying a Sure Fit case is a simple project that can create a more streamlined and personalized look.

Light your surefit chair slipcovers inside out and put it on your couch or chair. Take your time with this, making sure to stick it inside any crack and install it as you would if it were the right side out. Look carefully for any excess fabric, which will meet in curves, seam lines and cracks. Pull two layers of leftover fabric away from the furniture, gathering until the fabric against the furniture is smooth and taut. Pin through both layers as close to the furniture as possible, creating a seam line set. Mark this seam line with your soluble cloth marker. Continue until your case fits perfectly to your furniture.

Examine the edge of the surefit chair slipcovers. If it is too long, turn the lower edge up and the bolt in place until it rests 1/8 inch from the floor. Continue turning upwards and fasten around the entire lower edge of the cover. Remove your care case from the furniture, making sure that all the pins stay in place.

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