Install Peel and Stick Carpet Tiles

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Regardless of the size of the room, carpet tiles provide a non-permanent setting and a variety of colors that you can change to match the motif of a room. Carpet tiles have a backing those shells off to reveal a self-adhesive surface that adheres to the floors. The tiles are maintained by vacuum cleaning and are easy to replace. Arrange and install peel and stick carpet tiles create area rugs or wall to wall carpets.

Instructions to apply peel and stick carpet tiles in concrete is starting with sweep or vacuum concrete floor. These to remove dirt and dust. Mop the floor with water and a mild soap. Give the word to dry. Carpet tiles put better on clean and dry surfaces. Measure the length and width of the room with a tape measure. Mark the points halfway along the length and width with chalk. Draw a straight vertical chalk line using a chalk line reel starting from the length center to divide the space into two.

Draw a straight horizontal chalk line on the width center to divide the space into quarters. Put a carpet of tiles in each of the four quadrants so that they all touch the middle of the room. Create a pattern of rows outward from the four centered tiles. Peel backing from the carpet tiles one at a time or add a stick of releasing adhesive on each corner of the tiles. Line each tile flush with one next to it. Press so the peel and stick carpet tiles is stuck on the concrete floor.

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