Installing Long Hallway Runners

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Installing long hallway runners on a straight ladder is a simple task, but installing a runner on an L-shape ladder is a bit more complicate. Approach the task section one of the stairs at a time so that it is as simple as the carpeted straight long hallway runner’s staircase. Measure the width of the carpet corridor. Subtract 2 inches from the width to get the width of the carpet tack strips should be. Count the number of steps on the L-shaped ladder and cut a carpet strip without rivets of this width of each step.

Measure the width of a step on the long hallway runners ladder. Subtract the width of one of the carpet strips without rivets being cut. Divide this number by two to get it far from each side of the strip ladder the carpet without rivets should sit and secure a strip in place in the back corner of each step hammering the nails into the tackles on the ladder. Start at the top of the first section of the L-shaped ladder. Measure backward along the landing or the aisle at the top of the stairs to the opposite end of the landing or in the aisle. Note this distance. Measure the height of the upper ladder and then measure the depth of the ladder from the back to the front.

If the ladder has a protruding leading edge, be sure to include this part of the ladder in the measurement. Add the height and depth of the ladder together and multiply the product by the number of stairs at the top. Measure the landing at the bottom of the first section of the L-shaped ladder from the bottom edge of the ladder to the spot on the landing where you want the lane to end. Add this measurement for the total measurement of the ladder and the measurement was taken at the top of the ladder. Cut a carpet pad to the length of this sum, and then cut the carpet pad along the same width as the strips without rivets that you placed on the stairs.

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Measure each section of the long hallway runners ladder in an L-shape using the same procedure. In the lower section, measure from the bottom of the staircase the distance through the floor you want the carpet runner to extend from the stairs, just like it did for the upper landing. Add the floor measurement to the total measurement of all stairs in the lower section and cut a carpet pad to this total length.