Maximum Comfort with Overstock Outdoor Rugs

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The first thing to define is where we want to locate the carpet. The most common is to use them in living or dining areas. And in those cases the idea is to choose a size that allows us to delimit the space correctly. As a general rule when choosing overstock outdoor rugs the idea is that at least two legs of each piece of furniture remain on it. Although the ideal is that the 4 legs are on it, but we know that it is quite difficult to find carpets this big.

And be aware that this is not a whimsical decision. Carpets help define the space and can make it look larger or smaller. For example, when the overstock outdoor rugs are contained among the furniture, they all seem to be floating like islands around it. On the other hand, when they are on the carpet, they are contained. This is something that we have proven by testing furniture and carpets of different sizes.

In the renovation of my terrace it happened to me that I chose overstock outdoor rugs of 160 x 230 cms and the front legs of each sofa fit right over it. I could have used a larger one, but it would have gone to the dining area as well. That is why I finally chose that, although in the ideal world I would have used a 200 x 200 carpet.

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