Menards Vanity Tops Installation Guide

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Menards Vanity Tops – The hardest part about how to install the top is to make sure no tools scratch or break the surface. It is important to be very soft with the marble top during installation. Once up, the installation process is very easy and requires a few specialized tools. It is important to ensure that the marble top fits perfectly the vanity before sticking to the wooden surface.

Lay the granite countertop on the wood menards vanity tops in order to fit the style. If the cover is same, contact manufacturing to adjust the remodels. If the setting is too large, you can try cutting with the correct size yourself with a circular saw, but risk dividing the marble. It is better for a professional to adjust the setting. Make sure the top has the correct holes for sinks, faucets or pipes that will run through it. If these are not placed correctly, contact the manufacturer and make any necessary adjustments.

Install sinks, faucets or pipes in the menards vanity tops before sticking them to the vanity of the wood. Tighten screws or accessories by hand. If you use tools, you can break the marble. Glue a sink in place with silicone sealant. Apply a composite sealing cord around the four edges of the vanity where the top will sit. Place the lid on the toilet. Push the top marble flush against the wall.

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