Outdoor Grass Rug Balcony Accents

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Outdoor Grass Rug – The artificial turf is not reserved for the football field. You can cover the floor of the balcony or terrace to create the illusion of a garden at hand. The green outdoor rug has a super natural look and goes well with every type of layout. The synthetic lawn on the balcony is particularly popular flooring to which we have devoted to the present article. Artificial turf is generally make of polypropylene, polyethylene or polyamide fibers fix on a polyurethane base (in most cases).

By its structure, it looks like a classic carpet, while by far, the synthetic grass looks like a real lawn. Of course, it requires less maintenance than natural outdoor grass rug and is perfect for covering the balcony, the garden terrace or even the roof terrace. One of its advantages is that artificial turf easily masks soil imperfections. The grass is available most often in rolls and sometimes in sheets that must be attach next to each other.

Several shades of green are offer in stores, but in fact, a likely artificial turf is not a single color. The blades of outdoor grass rug can be two-color for a more realistic effect, with even a central rib. It is the artificial turf lining the balcony that will bring a touch of freshness. To make your outdoor space a place plunged into a natural and breathable atmosphere, dare the artificial turf carpet. Examine all the inspiring ideas below.

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