Preparation Install Wall Tiles for Living Room

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Wall tiles for living room – Tile lends the pattern, strength and durability of a wall. Add an accent around a fireplace, an edge around a floor or ceiling, or a whole wall covering. Careful preparation and installation ensures the enjoyment of tiles in your living room for years. Because any tile removal can damage the wall, consider using tiles on the wall is a permanent wall treatment and make it after careful consideration.

Before installing wall tiles for living room, test the wall for the strength by pressing it with the heel of your hand. As you find weak points, apply drywall nails or screws to attach to the wall to studs. Plaster walls can be taken down and replaced with plaster or you can use plasterboard over existing plaster. Because using plasterboard in plaster thickens the wall, it may be necessary to adjust lists or trim. Check out the wall with a water level at different angles. Apply plasterboard connection in small valleys and sand it level. Larger imperfections can be determined by placing lacquers behind the studs.

If the wall contains a major obstacle, start applying tiles around the obstacle first and work outwards, so you can avoid placing slim cut tiles around a focal point. For example, plan the first tile at the bottom of the center of a window and work from the center and outwards, up and down, placing subsequent tiles to the right and left of the first tile, then again to the right and left, start the window’s sides and down From there, fill the room below and above the window first, then work out towards the rest of the room. Schedule the layout on paper or in a computer-aided design package before installing wall tiles for living room.

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