Pros of the Ashen White Granite Ideas

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Ashen White Granite – Most real estate brokers agree that the most important rooms to consider updating before selling your house are the bathroom and the kitchen; both of which have counters. When deciding to update these rooms, especially the kitchen, it is possible to think about the decision to install granite counters. Before making this choice, however, consider the pros and cons of this stone.

Ashen white granite countertops are very durable; with hardness rate that the second to diamonds. Unlike tile countertops, you do not have to worry about dropping heavy objects or being wary of countertop accessories. Sure, you may still want to have a cutting board, but it’s not really that necessary. You should feel free to chop vegetables slightly to the right on the counters themselves if they are clean, although your knives may damage faster over time.

In a kitchen, it is expected that some type of liquid (juice, milk, soft drinks) will end up on the counters a couple of times a week. With Ashen white granite countertops, it is easy to clean if the spill is caught immediately. Wooden counters, on the other hand, will absorb the liquid too quickly and tile counters have the grout in the middle. Make it easy to bypass the spilled point in-between the cracks.

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