Purple Mattress Topper Ideas

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Purple mattress topper – Everyone requires a good night’s sleep and a comfortable mattress is important. The mattress industry has changed a lot over the last twenty years. The consumer now has many choices to make between bed makers, air beds and adjustable beds. A lot of foam is also available, including memory foam. So, the best way to buy a mattress is to be an enlightened consumer, and educate yourself on what’s available before you even set foot in a store.


It is important to know the industry jargon before buying a purple mattress topper. Know terminology will help you to make an educated purchase. Non-flip refers to a mattress that does not need to be reversed; it is a one-sided mattress. Otherwise, double-sided mattresses can be turned so that the mattress can be worn evenly on both sides. Turn the mattress to the other side every three to four months. Most new mattresses are now one sided. Inner spring refers to the spring support of the mattress. This support system ensures proper alignment of the spine when you sleep. Coil count and coil meter go hand in hand. The heavier gauge on the coil requires fewer coils. The thinner gauge of the coil, the more coils are needed.

Understand foam and seals

Many types of purple mattress topper are available. Standard foam is generally polyurethane and is at the lower end of quality. Viscos memory foam and latex foam are of higher quality and marketed as durable. Another important factor for understanding is that mattresses consist of three main components: padding or furniture layers, the inner jumping / bobbin unit, and the spring or foundation box.

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