Good Idea Split Foyer Remodel

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Split foyer remodel home usually has three levels. Main level is halfway between basement, where family room is located, and upper level, where bedrooms are located. Living room, kitchen and dining area are usually on main floor. Although these houses were sought after when they were built in 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s, they are not really consistent with way many families live today. Because they tend to be in attractive neighborhoods, but rebuilding to make them more level is often a good idea.

Improve living space in lower level family room. If it is paneled, as many split foyer remodel were when they were built, paint panel a light, airy color. Light walls are particularly important in family rooms with insufficient daylight. Build a large wall device for media. Modern bar by replacing cabinets or pulling them out and replacing them with illuminated glass shelves. Pull up old worn carpets and install laminated wood floors. Also consider using a part of space like a home office or craft area. Place a desk with a computer in a corner. This will allow you to keep an eye on kids while working at computer.

Alternatively put a table and storage in corner for crafts. Make sure lighting is sufficient. Then, replace cabinet in a style you want and add sub-cabinet lighting. Install stainless steel, along with granite worktops in a color that fills cabinets and walls. Replace sliding doors with glass doors that open to deck. You are bathing, install new showers and bathtubs, and surround them with colored orbital tiles. Pull out vanity and replace it with a style you want. Replace lighting with lamps. Consider two bowl-style sinks for bathroom. Replace old cranes and handles with brushed chrome cranes and handles. Paint bedrooms, and put crown around ceiling.

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Customize cabinet. Pull up carpeting and also lay parquet. Buy new furniture and bedding. Convert a nursery into a bedroom that is more adapt to child’s age. Then, replace furniture with items that he can use in his teens. If you want to avoid having to mess up this room in near future, stay away from any topic. Make split foyer remodel a true introduction to your home by adding design elements you’ve used elsewhere. If your home is traditional and comfortable, add a table with a table lamp, a plant and some small pictures. Have a chair or bench so visitors can take off their boots. If your home is elegant and formal, hang a large chandelier and keep other items minimal.