Very Varied Mattress Cover Target

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Choosing a mattress cover target is a more complicated task than it seems. Not only because in the market there is a very varied offer and with very different technologies, but also because each person has a special way of sleeping that responds more to a mattress profile than to another, in addition to anatomical characteristics that will require, for example, more or less firmness, a more pronounced adaptability or a certain resilience of the deformation caused by the weight of the body.

For example, people who sleep on their backs , will need a firm enough mattress cover target, which strengthens them in the nape area and at the base of the spine, so that it does not tend to deform generating bad postures. There are three main types of spring mattresses, those of continuous thread, those of pocket springs and the biconical ones.

On the other hand, those who sleep on their side will require a mattress of medium firmness that, without allowing the body to adopt bad postures, adapts to the structure of the hips and shoulders. Finally, those who sleep on their stomachs will need a softer mattress cover target that does not create a risk of bad gestures in the neck area or in the middle torsion of the spine.

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