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Washer and dryer craigslist – If you rent an apartment or stay in a hostel for the first time then you may be wondering what to do about a washing machine and dryer. You can buy a new washing machine and dryer, but if you are in a dorm then you may not have the necessary connections for you. In your case, you may want to consider a portable and mini washing machine and dryer. They are small, but good for handling small loads under clothing, clothes or some clothes. This option will save at least a trip to the laundry. You can also find mobile or mini units that are used at good rates from graduating students.

If you move to an apartment or a new home. But are limite to funds, then you will need to find a washer and dryer craigslist use. People sell their equipment for a variety of reasons. Some people buy a new home where all the equipment is included. Their old washing machine and drying may not be long enough. Some people divorce and sell all of their assets. Sometimes this unit is only a few years old. If you are going to store your equipment for a few years. Then buying a set used will usually spend far less than renting or spending many places on the deck for weeks and weeks. Not to mention the hassle of dragging all the loads back into the laundry.

Sometimes you can find many things about washer and dryer craigslist. Go down to your area and see if someone sells the washing and drying machines used. You can also find someone who gives one if you are only coming to take it. If you buy and bring it home, clean them inside and out with warm water mixed with anti-bacterial soap or something like Lysol. Another way to save money on this purchase is to buy only a washing machine and then hang your clothes out in the laundry line to dry. They will smell clean and fresh when you take them.

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