Wood Hood Vent Kitchen Renovation

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Wood Hood Vent – Kitchen extractor hoods are not all installed in the same way, so each brand includes its own assembly instructions depending on the type and characteristics of each. When renovations are made in the kitchen, it is necessary to find a new extractor that fits well with our new furniture. But many times, we find extractors that are not very aesthetic or with a price well above our budget.

My family renovated the kitchen from head to toe, and the old wood hood vent was too big for its new arrangement. As wood is my passion, I decided to venture to build the new extractor myself using some parts of the old one. And, of course, an outline of what I was going to build. As I liked the aesthetics of the previous bell, I designed something similar so that it would be easier for me to make the structure.

In case you do not have a wood hood vent from which to take advantage of some pieces. To make the frame I used 2 cm of plywood. I split this wood into 3 pieces of 3 cm wide. I repeated this action several times until I had all the parts, and then I stuck them with wood glue. I covered everything with 8 mm MDF. I wanted to use 4 mm of plywood, but it cost 4 times more expensive than MDF.

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